• EXL Releases 2019 Sustainability Report

EXL Releases 2019 Sustainability Report

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Nov 16, 2020

EXL Releases 2019 Sustainability Report

NEW YORK, Nov. 16, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- EXL [NASDAQ: EXLS], a leading operations management and analytics company, today announced the release of its 2019 sustainability report. The report highlighted EXL’s strategies for promoting the health and growth potential of employees, responsibly managing its environment footprint, and positively impacting the communities in which it operates.

“As we confront historic new operational, social, and environmental challenges, we have all seen first-hand that agility, resilience, and sustainability are some of the most valuable commodities that a business can have,” stated Rohit Kapoor, Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, EXL, within the report. “The experience of the last several months has forced us all to dig deeper, look harder at the status quo and commit ourselves to business strategies that foster growth beyond bottom line financial metrics.”

The report focuses on EXL’s sustainability measures across several key areas aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. These areas include:

  • Business Integrity to ensure long-term success through corporate governance, ethics and business partner management
  • Our People to continuously train employees and create the next generation of leaders, as well as promote workforce diversity to foster an inclusive atmosphere
  • Environmental Stewardship to promote the efficient use of natural resources and minimize pollution
  • Operational Excellence to provide resilient high-quality services, implement innovative solutions and ensure data integrity
  • Community Engagement to drive positive social change across every geography and community in which EXL operates

The report was developed as per the Global Reporting Initiative Standards. To view the full report, please visit this link.

About EXL
EXL (NASDAQ: EXLS) is a leading operations management and analytics company that helps our clients build and grow sustainable businesses. By orchestrating our domain expertise, data, analytics and digital technology, we look deeper to design and manage agile, customer-centric operating models to improve global operations, drive profitability, enhance customer satisfaction, increase data-driven insights, and manage risk and compliance. Headquartered in New York, EXL has more than 31,800 professionals in locations throughout the United States, the UK, Europe, India, the Philippines, Colombia, Australia and South Africa. EXL serves multiple industries including insurance, healthcare, banking and financial services, utilities, travel, transportation and logistics, media and retail, among others. For more information, visit www.exlservice.com.

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