• EXL’s LifePRO® Platform Wins XCelent Customer Base Award

EXL’s LifePRO® Platform Wins XCelent Customer Base Award

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May 19, 2020

EXL’s LifePRO® Platform Wins XCelent Customer Base Award

NEW YORK, May 19, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- EXL [NASDAQ: EXLS] a leading operations management and analytics company, today announced its LifePRO® policy administration platform has received the XCelent Customer Base Award from research firm Celent.

The award was announced as part of Celent’s Report “North American Policy Administration Systems 2019,” which ranked 20 policy administration systems in use or marketed for North American life, pension, and annuities products. EXL received the Customer Base award based on the number of insurers running any release of the system and the number of new insurance clients gained within the last two years.

“EXL’s efforts over the last two years and the proposed roadmap demonstrate their commitment to modernizing a system that has been around for decades,” the report states. “LifePRO’s breadth of individual life insurance product functionality and depth of features and functionality along with its ongoing development plans make it a solution that should be considered by insurers.”

“We are pleased to receive the XCelent Customer Base award,” stated Keith Johnson, Senior Vice President, EXL Service. “We continue to aggressively invest to lead our clients in life and annuities through their digital evolutions. By building on the platform’s extensive set of rules, we are helping our insurance clients enhance customer experience, rapidly introduce new products, streamline and automate workflows, and gain actionable, data-driven insights.”

About LifePRO®
LifePRO® is a life insurance policy administration platform providing flexible support for a broad range of life, health, and annuity products. With a flexible service-based architecture featuring a library of over 250 REST and ACORD digital services and compact single-purpose services for areas including policy servicing, party maintenance, agent and hierarchy management, and product configuration, the platform provides insurers with security, scalability, and configurability. A web-based user interface provides insurers a 360-degree view of customers and agents, and is designed with ADA compliance in mind. EXL is continually investing in and improving LifePRO®, with the platform now on its 20th version.

About EXL
EXL (NASDAQ: EXLS) is a leading operations management and analytics company that helps our clients build and grow sustainable businesses. By orchestrating our domain expertise, data, analytics and digital technology, we look deeper to design and manage agile, customer-centric operating models to improve global operations, drive profitability, enhance customer satisfaction, increase data-driven insights, and manage risk and compliance. Headquartered in New York, EXL has more than 31,700 professionals in locations throughout the United States, the UK, Europe, India, the Philippines, Colombia, Australia and South Africa. EXL serves multiple industries including insurance, healthcare, banking and financial services, utilities, travel, transportation and logistics, media and retail, among others. For more information, visit www.exlservice.com.

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